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NCGR Milwaukee presents with Dawn Silver: Excavating the Reincarnation Story in your Birth Chart

September 16, 2017

$25 – $35

This is not our first rodeo. Perhaps we have experienced hundreds of rodeos here on planet Earth. How many is specific to the intentions of our soul and the stories we have archived in the Akashic Records. Not all of those past lives are relevant to our present experience however certain lifetime themes certainly are. Astrology can gives us much information about these relevant prior life existences which we have consciously chosen to work through and hopefully improve upon.
The soul is the unit of evolution; the personality is the unit of incarnation

Isabel Hickey
In this class we shall work off your own chart to “excavate” past life themes through the many tools astrology offers. Let’s dig up some dirt!  We shall use the nodes, of course, look at our twelfth house cusp and planets, and then there are stories told by mid-points, asteroid, fixed stars, humors, conception point, trans-Neptunian planets and more.  We shall be mindful of retrograde interpretations. The moon has much to tell about our emotions carried over from the past!  We shall integrate the Timeline astrology developed by A T Mann and find historical periods that correspond to the degrees of our planets involved in our past-life story.  We shall also look at a handful of charts of those who claim to remember a past life experience, including James Lenninger the young boy clear about his life as a Japanese pilot (verified).


This workshop is a journey into accessing your own story
For this class bring a few copies of your natal chart, your natal midpoints, asteroids, and trans-Neptunian planets.  This is available on all of the major programs but I will be glad to be helpful if you cannot find.  Just email me at least three days prior to our class at dawnsilver@ameritech.net


To register contact: Maria De Spears <maialuna@earthlink.net>

$25 members – $35 non-members



September 16, 2017
$25 – $35


Maria De Spears


NCGR Milwaukee Chapter