Jewels Astrology

Discover the Secrets of Your Stars

From Babylonia, ancient Greece and medieval times to today, astrologers have followed the celestial journey of the planets and stars to guide you successfully through life. The goal is to help you architect a greater awareness of your mission in life, to move beyond the karmic patterns not worth repeating and find the timing cycles in your chart that support a rewarding life.

Jewels Astrology is an interpretation of your astrological chart based on your birth-time, place and time including intuition from the Jewels of the Lotus Oracle. Together we shall look into the timing of future cycles regarding your health, prosperity, family and other important choices you might make.

Email Dawn with the following information:

    • birth-date
    • time of birth
    • place of birth

Dawn will then contact you to schedule your appointment. Appointments can be done in person or over the phone. Sessions include natal, transits, progressions and solar returns.

Sessions are:

      • $165 for a first time reading appointment
      • $150.00 for all follow-up appointments
      •  $65 for a 30 minute appointment

To make an appointment with Dawn, please contact her at